You can browse all files available for download, including some binary packages, at padthv1 Files on

Latest release

2018-03-07 - The End of Winter'18 release.

Previous release

2017-12-20 - The End of Autumn'17 release.

Older releases

2017-10-29 - An Autumn'17 release.

2017-08-22 - A Late-Summer'17 release.

2017-07-20 - Initial change-log entry.

Git Access

This project's Git repository can be checked out through anonymous (http) access with the following instructions:

git clone padthv1-git

You then need to prepare the configure script on the just created padthv1-git source directory:

cd padthv1-git


Hopefully, you'll be now with a proper source tree, ready for build.


For quite some time there are alternate Git repositories which are kept in sync with the above one:

However, this doesn't mean that the padthv1 project is about to migrate to a brand new hosting whatsoever: the original upstream source code repository is, will be, as it ever was, always kept somewhere else still in this world and universe.